Tuesday, June 28, 2011


There is a buzz in the air these past few days.  See, there is an upcoming trip happening soon, a trip that has been a year in the planning. A trip that a certain family is buzzing about. Suitcases are almost packed, goodbyes and well wishes for the month have been said to those staying on the Rock. Anxious emails and messages are being traded with those who are anticipating the month long arrival for a certain family.

The family is buzzing with excited anticipation of reuniting with a homeland they left just over a year ago.
This trip is more than a reunion however, it is a joyful celebration of where God had brought this family of three. The last time they were in their homeland, their hearts were heavy with goodbyes and their eyes were filled with tears of leaving. Tomorrow they start a visit that will allow them to celebrate God's goodness with their family and friends. A goodness that has crossed countries, broken hearts and has created such joy in this families heart. This family of three now has two homelands; Their beloved Canada and the Beautiful Bahamas where they have found  a new place to belong.

Thank you to all to have helped keep Canada our homeland and thank you to all who have helped make Bahamas a beautiful place to belong.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Undeniably Human

How cool it is to begin a new blog. My previous blog Uprooted to Paradise was formed out of a need, a need to better understand myself and the transition I was undergoing throughout our big move to Nassau. This blog is born from my love of writing.  This blog will give you my vantage point as I see the world through a set of  undeniably human eyes  that seek the perspective from a God who is undeniably real.

 Undeniable will have many similarities to my Uprooted to Paradise blog, after all it is crafted by the same author. You will be able to see my passion for people and animals as the main muse to my writings continue. I would hope, that through my observation of the world as I see it that my eyes and heart are opened to the lessons that God has for me through even the mundane events of life.

Why the title undeniably human? Well, that is exactly what I am. As much as I might try to deny it, I am human through and through. I am a clumsy, fidgety, imperfect, error filled human that finds her self apologizing far more than she had ever anticipated to those around her. I am flawed, I am in process, I am human. BUT.. this human is also aware I am undeniably loved by the one who made her. God is amazing in his grace and mercy in my life. This blog will be used to write about the moments when my undeniable human existence meets the undeniable love of God and all that happens because of it.
shine on my friends and welcome to undeniable.