Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Purpose of Writers Block

I always said I would never force a blog.  I want my blog to be real, and to be written only when I get those internal urges to see words come together that were previously swirling in my brain. Well .. today it is different. I am forcing a blog. Why? I fear at present I have a bit of a writers block. Usually I just take a few days off of writing and the block clears but after a few days off I believe the only way for me to push through this is to actually push through this and struggle with sentences.

I have many different writing projects I am working on, I write for Baark!, I am writing a novel (yet to be disclosed) and I am working on a few projects like children's books and a talk that will hopefully be impacting the young girls in high school on this island. Rarely do I lack something to work on, but my blog is different it is far more personal and requires a certain attitude of vulnerability to approach and publish.

Today, or the past few weeks to be more exact I fear I have avoided the attitude of vulnerability because I fear what you will think if I were more transparent. There as been a theme that has been circulating in my heart for about a month or so, it is something that came from my quiet times with God during my vacation at my cottage. Something that often bothers me and affects my ability to be in God presence. I am beginning to think that God wants me to blog about this but I am  hesitant .. I am still in process, I do not have completed thoughts about this theme with which I have been struggling. I do not even know if the process is something that anyone else goes through or if it would be of benefit to a blog community?  So I guess I am saying you may or may not get a glimpse into this process of mine.

 I think this writers blog as it has affected my blogging is more about forcing me in to a process of learning. I prefer insight that comes quickly and answers my queries in a sure manner. I prefer the  sound of that aha moment after a time of wondering. I prefer the feeling of knowing rather than questioning. But this process I think might take some time, might lack those aha moments right away but I do think this process has been God ordained and if I listen and sit still for a bit I might just be able to hear Him speak to this theme.

So I am about to sign off for the day, pleased to have pushed through this blog entry. I am glad to have sat in contemplation for the reasons of my writers block. I am I now excited about the process of better understanding this theme presented to me.

I do believe I will share at least part of my journey with you all, and I thank you in advance for reading and encouraging me in this. God has you all in my life for a reason. Thank you for shining so brightly my friends.


p.s for those of you inclined to worry, please do not.. this is not a worry type theme that has been presented to me,  it is a personal growth theme and one that I am now about to embark into with the willingness to be patient and wait upon the Lord.

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