Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swagga!! Do you have it?

I had an incredible opportunity to attend a women of faith event this weekend  with a group of some of the best women that God has ever made. I have so much to blog about and promise to continue my joy blog series in the near future but due to popular demand from the ladies surrounding me this past weekend here is my blog about our favorite teaching, swagga. The word  came from the amazing group Mary Mary (pictured below)  and stayed in our hearts  during the rest of the weekend.

 Swagga, what a strange word, most of us do not know what it is. It is derived from the word swag, which to most, including me, still requires some definition. Is it something you find in your home?  There is an architectural element that is called a swag but that is not what I learned about this weekend.   Is swag what celebrities get when they present for award shows?  S.w.a.g, also know as "stuff we all get",  are promotional items like diamond encrusted cell phones for Oscar presenters or free pens for signing up for a new credit card, that is Swag not swagga. Perhaps swagga is some different kind of language? Perhaps, but let me explain. Swag, according to the urban dictionary is: The way in which you carry yourself. Swag is made up of your overall confidence, style and demeanor. So yes, I guess that swagga is a type of language as it sends a message to others announcing what you know and believe about who you are.

Ever been alone in a crowded room and some one yells your name in recognition? That feeling, the  instant you feel included or appreciated, is swagga. Ever been in a restaurant and get noticed or talked to by the highly esteemed owner who treated you like a long lost friend? Remember the smile, the walk, the way you held your head high after that..that is a type of swagga. You were recognized out loud by someone of high esteem, that felt great. So how does this translate to a Christian women's conference? Are we not supposed to be all meek and mild? As Christian women we are to be a lot of things but being shy about who we are, no way. We are supposed to have swagga.

You can have swagga anytime anywhere. All you have to do is be proud of your status as daughter of the King, and you can show some swag. It is easy to show swag when you feel like you look good or have done something awesome, but that is not what I am talking about. The swagga in reference from this weekend  is the swag that comes from knowing you belong, knowing you have a place in this world and knowing who is your daddy! The world can so quickly strip away the swag we make ourselves, through criticism, unkind words or indifference. We can dive from head held high to nose on the ground hunched over posture in seconds when our homemade swagga fails. But the swagga that comes from knowing who we are in God cannot be taken. 

This weekend, we were reminded that we are known and loved by the very one who created us. The  people who cherish their relationship with God above all else have a swagga, the way the carry themselves is unexplained without God. Peace in the midst of a family turmoil? That is swagga, Joy in the midst of tears, Swagga! And you know that it is only swagga from knowing God that keeps people in their ability to face the unknown. People will notice and should notice a difference.  There is not audible voice causing others to turn their heads towards you, but others do recognize a difference when  joy and peace shines clearly in your life no matter what the circumstances.

I remember way back in high school, Jason, one of my guy friends asked me, Allie why are you always so happy? I believe he was not noticing my happiness but my joy. I did not correct him, I was kinda shy around boys, even those who were my friends but I knew the answer. I was exhibiting swagga from my relatively new faith in the Lord. To this day I still wish I was bold enough to say Jason, what you are seeing is God shining through me, thanks for noticing!

Time has flown by, but I still remember that day clearly. The world and time has done some damage on my swagga, I have let it get muddled with the temporary swagga from the world. I know my God given swagga can still shine brightly for it never loses light, but I am afraid that as the years have gone by  I have not let my swag out in public all that often. This women of faith conference challenged me to live boldly with the swagga confidence that can only come from the Lord. 

Isaiah 43:4 tells us what God thinks about His children:  
"you are precious and honored in my sight, I love you." 

Can it get any better than that, really can it? I think not. Everyone no matter who they are longs for acceptance and love, God generously gives this to all His children and in abundance. So hold your head high and walk with swagga 'cause you are loved and you are His!

Want to get swagga? true swag that cannot be tainted or taken by the world? Well just contemplate how if feels to hear God say, "hey..that 's my girl. I made her to make a difference, now taken notice!" Then walk with intention, head held high, knowing you have a place in this world. 

shine on and live with swagga!

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