Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 I have a devotional reading book entitled Jesus Calling; written by Sarah Young.  I find it quite unbelievable that almost every time I read  it I feel like it was written just for me, the very theme I  find myself struggling with is usually the very theme upon which Sarah Young is commenting.  Today was no different, with a list of all the things I needed to do on my "day off" today quite literally by my side but still buzzing in my head I sat down to spend a few moments reading, praying and thinking.  Sarah Young's words jumped at me  and like a cartoon anvil awaiting the cartoon cat which never misses it's target these words hit hard. "Fantasizing about future happiness will never bring fulfillment, because fantasy is unreality." "Bring your moments to ME, and I will fill them with vibrant Joy. Now is the time to rejoice in My presence!"

     I was caught, list in hand, thinking fulfillment would happen once I was able to cross off all my things to do. I was challenged to stop and remember God's presence in the NOW and stop fantasizing about the future where things were done. Really if this is my fantasy I think I need to get out more! But seriously most of us will spend the majority of our day in contemplation of things completed and dreaming of future happiness when things seem more manageable.

With journal in hand I began my prayer as I sough God's guidance as to how to best learn to live in the now. Below is my journal entry if it of use to you make it your prayer, if not make your own.

Let me give my moments to you, let me rejoice in the Now. No matter what Now is, let me rejoice in the now because you are with me. Let me not miss out on awesome moments with you because I am looking too far ahead or insist on keeping my eyes focused on the past. You are everywhere but the only place I can experience you fully is in the now. NOW. I know you are both behind me and before me in time but my limited  human brain can only let me experience you now.
It is the now that fuels the future, seeing, experiencing your fullness now gives me hope, gives me strength for what.. not tomorrow but for the now. Strength provided for the now, for what you want me to do Now.
You do not expect me to use my gifts of now tomorrow, you expect me to use it now. You will provide tomorrow's  grace when I need it, tomorrow. Let me try not to store up, hide away or hoard the gift of now. Let me live fully in it. Let me live freely in it and when tomorrow comes and my next now is given, let me rejoice again. You are and will always be to the very end of the ages with me. Now, let me go out knowing the gift of Now is the very presence of my King.

Shine on my friends,

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