Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shifting Tears

It has now been six months since the loss of my dear friend Dani. She left us way too soon. My heart continues to ache for her friendship, but something is shifting. Slowly I have noticed that the ache has begun to turn into a feeling of gratitude, still heavy and full of tears but there is a different tone now.  I feel gratitude that for a short while here in Nassau I was blessed with the friendship of an amazing woman. I only had three years with her but she impacted my life so very much. And now I find that even in her death she continues to impact who I am and how I go about doing what I do. I am blessed to have been her friend and I find myself blessed even in mourning. She has challenged me to live my life more intentionally and to see the good in others as she was able to do.  In short while I desperately wish her back here in physical form, I remain determined to continue to find the benefits of what she has left behind. Dani was a gift to many who knew her and one I am forever grateful to God for giving to me.
Shine on my friends, you will never know your full impact

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