Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Morning Reminders

Last night was the second night at my cottage; this morning was the second morning. I love mornings at the cottage but today was exceptional.  5:30 this morning was a huge thunderstorm, it woke everyone up. As is thunderstorm protocol in the MacPhail house, Anya came running into my room with the second huge boom of thunder and without words I got up out of bed and crawled into hers where we could cuddle and listen to the storm. Anya soon drifted back to sleep as the storm passed, but I was still buzzing with the excitement of the storm.
As I lay there trying to fall asleep again, knowing full well that I would not, God reminded me of all I have learned this year. It was amazing to hear scripture in my mind, scripture that I am sure I could not quote if pressed but scripture which held truth God wanted to remind me of. I knew there was no point in trying to remember what God was sharing with me so downstairs I went to start writing what it was I was being told.  Here is a bit of it.
Jeremiah 29:13
“You will seek me and find me, When you seek with all your heart.”

This verse follows directly after God tell us He has plans for our lives (Jeremiah 26:11).  He wants us to seek Him not His plans.  When we seek the plans we miss out on the one who made the plans. When we look for the directions we miss the ultimate destination, the knowledge and undeniable claim that we are His. So often I find myself seeking definitive plans for my life. What am I to do? Where am I to go? Plans are important but if all I seek is for the plans I will miss out on my purpose. To be honest carrying out plans while forgetting your purpose is meaningless.

 I just wanted to tell you that when you listen, there is undeniable proof that God is with you. When you stop and look, there is undeniable evidence you are loved.  I was awoken today by a powerful and beautiful storm so God could remind me of His even more powerful and beautiful mercy in my life. I am grateful for the amazing wake up today as my cottage shook in the thunder, I am more grateful for the reminder of my purpose here on earth. 
Shine on my friends


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