Saturday, July 30, 2011

Reflected Thankfulness: Moments Captured by the Pen of Allie MacPhail

During my holidays in Canada, I was "forced" to use paper and pen to capture my thoughts. I say forced as I do prefer a computer but if I am honest, using a paper and ink to explore my thoughts was kind of romantic in a 18th century kind of way. I had ample of opportunity to write while at the cottage, some of which I will share as I translate my inky words to the computer screen. Below is the second last entry in my journal written on the second last day at the cottage, I wanted to make a list cherished moments and things at the cottage as a way to express my thankfulness to God for giving us such a refreshing time during our holidays.

The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind applauding their creator with every wind.
The sparkle  of the lake at sunset reminds me to shine for God always.
The constant buzz of the mosquitoes to remind me that as idyllic as this cottage life feels it is not perfect.
The scurry of the chipmunks at work and play reminding me to make a joyous sound to the Lord in all I do.
The heat of the rocks long after the campfire has gone down, reminding me that like the rocks I am to radiate what I have been given.
The rest I was able to find when my body finally stood still.
The peace when my mind stopped working in overdrive.
The haunting call of the loon, claiming the lake as his own telling the world where he belongs.
The Joy of my pen gliding over my journal  knowing God is at work in me.
The power of God's word as I daily look to Him for strength and joy.
The heat of my tears flowing down my face knowing it will be a while before I see this place again.
The joy of my heart knowing the goodness I have found is from the Lord of all creation, therefore I do not need to leave behind what I have rediscovered at my cottage.

All of this was during a spectacular hour at the cottage when I felt so utterly connected with God, it was a gift from Him to me and I wanted to share that with you.

Shine on my friends, it is great to be back!

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  1. How awesome is our God!!!! Such sights and sounds - I felt I was right there with you. Gotta love a cottage by the lake in Canada.