Thursday, January 12, 2012

Angry Bird T shirt makes girl popular!

Here is a  self portrait from Tuesday. I took this after recognizing that I was getting more attention than  I usually do, all because I was wearing my new Angry bird shirt. I knew this would turn into a blog so in search of truth and armed with just an iPhone I attempted to capture my an image of my then more popular self and the said angry bird shirt at the focus of all this fuss.
  The day started like any other, I did a great pool work out with my friends, got dressed and headed to the food store to get some essentials. I had not given my wardrobe much thought, I always grab a t shirt and shorts without much thought and pray they match somewhat. I walked in the store as usual, grabbed my cart and started to fill it. I made my way through the produce aisle without much notice but when I went down the dairy aisle I heard one of the stock boys say..OOO angry birds.. cool!! He looks a me, smiles, gives a thumbs up and carries on. I was confused at first but then realized I was wearing my new angry bird t shirt, I smiled, said thanks and carried on. It happen again in the cereal aisle, the pet care aisle and the frozen food section. Most of those who noticed were employees at the store that I had seen around before and often said hello to but these interactions were on a new level, actually, I felt like I was on a new level. I was cool!

Later that day I went to Anya's school for pick up, it was there the real popularity started. In almost every hallway I was told I had a cool shirt, was told that some kid likes Angry birds too or I was asked where did I get such a great shirt. Seriously by the time I made in back to the car with Anya in tow, I am sure my t shirt was commented on about 10 times. That is a lot of interaction or a quiet girl like me who tries to get in and get out without much notice.

Later on at the pool for Anya's practice I had to walk through a bigger crowd than normal to get to the pool, there was a sporting event happening on the field adjacent to us. I actually saw one girl pull her almost seated mom out of the car and say, nay, yell to her mom. "That, as she pointed, that is an angry bird shirt!"
I saw groups of teen girls comment and nod in conclusion my shirt rocked. I heard boys holler out and point at the angry bird shirt and watched  little kids stare then move closer to me to see the shirt closer.  More people said something to me than I can ever recall in my life. For that 3 minute walk, I was a celebrity!

 I got thinking, I walk this path to the pool nearly 3 times a week, I am at the grocery store with the same frequency, and I am at Anya's school so often I cannot count. Does wearing a shirt corresponding with the pop culture of the moment really make me that much more approachable?  Perhaps some how my t shirt made me easier to relate to and approach.

So to recap so far, people somehow felt more comfortable with me when I wore my angry bird t shirt. So what was stopping them from saying hi before? I do not think I changed much else about me that day, I had my usual  I-do -not- care hair style going on, a shocking lack of make up and my old flip flops worn by days in the sand. The only difference was my new shirt. (yes I leave a very boring fashion comments yet please) back to the question what was different? I like to think I am friendly but this shirt got me thinking. Perhaps people need something in common to break the silence, a shared joke, a shared hobby, or shared experience. Some how angry birds bridged that gap with others for me, interesting. Most of us in life are just looking for others to relate to, to feel like someone else can understand them or gets them. To feel better understood is a huge deal, it counts for a  lot in peoples lives. Angry birds might have just been a game for someone or a new t shirt for me but on Tuesday, it became a launching point for many many conversations and interactions.

God did the same thing you know, no he did not wear an angry bird shirt, although that kind of makes me smile to think about it.  But he knew we find Him hard to relate to. We are mere mortals full of imperfections trying to relate to an all powerful, non human holy God. Talk about barriers, how are we suppose to even try. So what did God do? No he did not wear an angry bird shirt, but he did make himself more relatable. He bridged the gap, broke the barriers between Himself and us by coming to walk among us. He lived with us, He ate with us, He died for us, all so that we might have an opportunity to relate to a Holy and awesome God.

The cool thing, is that God did not change anything about Himself, Jesus, was God just in human form. He did not fake humanness much like we sometime fake friendliness. Jesus did not walk among as just for PR sake, he walked among us because He loved us and wanted to get to know us. Amazing if you think about it. God in human flesh, making himself available and approachable to us because he wants us to know him better. He, unlike me and my accidental angry bird shirt wear, did all of this on purpose with the intention to interact and let us know He gets us. Awesome!

Just something to think about
Shine on my friends

p.s I would be remiss to not mention my fantastic BFF Jen who brought this shirt for me from Canada. Jen, you have always made me feel loved but thanks to your amazing fashion sense, I feel popular!

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