Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012, live undeniably as His!

Happy New Year to my readers, friends and family!

I am so very much looking forward to 2012
I am excited about what I am to learn this year, what I am to do this year and How I am to grow this year.
I will delight in the renewal of old connections, the establishing of new connections and the joy of my current connections.
I will not be tempted to create resolutions today, too many are broken in a week, and most forgotten with in a month. 
I will however, determine to live each day for what it is, God given. 
 I will try to not get carried away with my own created plans and learn to wait upon the Lord to see where He would have me. 
I do hope that daily, I reflect upon the joys of knowing Christ and daily I remember to be thankful and honoring with my thoughts and actions.
I hope, that this year I live  in the knowledge that God's love for me is completely, unalterably, and undeniably real.

Happy 2012 everyone!!

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