Friday, April 12, 2013

What inspires you? Inside the Shell: Turtle Back Publishing Newsletter #5

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What inspires your writing?

I am so curious about this question. I have been asked it many times but believe I give different answers almost every time according to the writing in reference. So I have challenged myself to seek that which primarily inspires me.  Here is my long complicated answer that in the end I think still circles the question with too many responses.

  • Inspiration for me,comes from my faith, that I am not alone in this world, that I belong to something bigger than  myself, that I am loved.

  • I find inspiration in the beauty of this world and the complex way in which we relate to those around us and make sense of those we have not yet met.

  • People's stories inspire me, we are all so different and yet in the same world, getting to know their perspective inspires me. I love the way people interact with the world.

  • I love sitting back and wondering in the grand scheme of things what am I missing?

  • I love elevating the simple things of life to the profound by suggesting meaning in the very action of the mundane.

See, I told you there is no quick answer.

 I guess in a nutshell I love the process I go through when I write. Mostly, my inspiration comes from the process of writing itself. The process of making clear the foggy in my mind, in finding purpose in things, the clarifying of ideas. I love the energy I get from writing and the satisfaction of clicking save when I am finished.  The struggle to find words, to move sentences and to create images by arranging letters of the alphabet into words, sentences and ideas.

  My question to you is this: "Do you know what inspires you?" What sends a surge of creative energy through your body when you take the time to enjoy it or the thought of it? I think it is a vital question to any writer, the task of sitting to write is not enjoyable without inspiration. If you are failing to find your inspiration, stop and take the time to find your it. Your writing will thank you.

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