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The egocentricity of a Writer. Inside the Shell: Turtle Back Publishing Newsletter #4

 inside the shell
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Turtle Back Publishing Newsletter

The Egocentricity of a Writer

 I believe to be a writer one must be somewhat egocentric because in the moment of our writing we feel, whether true or not, that we are creating something that no one has ever before put to paper. Writers must  believe; the idea coming to life through their pen is a true original, and something that will make people think like they never have before. Writers, myself included, tend towards egocentricity believing we can change the world or at the very least interrupt the readers lives with our very words. But I am questioning this lately. Does my writing need to touch more than myself?

 I would like to claim that I write, not because I am self-important because there is something within me that needs to take shape so I can better understand it, and if others benefit (should I publish) then that is a bonus. Writing just to sound good, important or unique is not appealing to me. However, either way I look at it, writing for me always begins with a process within myself, and therefore is egocentric and  introspective. But just as the process starts,there  it can also end. It does it have to end in world change. No, not in the slightest, you know why? Because the change that should be sought after first  should be the change that occurs in myself  as I edit, revise and clarify my ideas. I should come away from my work somewhat altered. If I am not, how can I expect the readers to be so moved?  Egocentricity, in the way that that an idea needs to be ruminated, played with and sought after is important to writing. Once however the process is done, check your ego at the door, no one needs to be moved, touched or altered by your words but you -to believe differently would be to set yourself up for disappointment. So write, clarify and ponder all you can, you will benefit from it, but ensure it is a product you want others to interact with before you put it out for publication. 


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