Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inside the Shell: Turtle Back Publishing Newsletter #2

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The most common thing I hear as an author.

"I have always wanted to write a book"

Whenever I get a chance to interact with people as an author, there is one comment, I hear more than most; "I have always wanted to write."  It is often told to me in confidence, some sort of secret hidden desire that the world cannot know. The person saying this phrase often has a look about them or says out loud they doubt their ability to write. "I have an idea but it won't be good enough for a book"  is the message I repeatedly hear.
It seems to me that people have the idea that their story is only worth something if other people think it is. That is simply not true. Your story is always worth something, why, because it is your story. The question you are really asking is, "can you market it and get people to buy it as a book" and to be honest, that is not the reason why you should write. You should write your story because there is power in the telling. There is a greater appreciation to be gained for your own story in finding the words to accurately describe it. One should never write a book just to try to sell it; unless you have a huge established fan club, your book will flop. So what do I tell people when I hear them say "I have always wanted to write" Write! tell your story, fall in love with your story, admire it, appreciate the lessons your own story teaches you. Write! you will be amazed at what is inside!
Friends.. write your story- it is good, because it is yours!

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  1. fabulous. Such fantastic advice.
    too many these days seek the self glorification perhaps - which might be why they struggle with the telling.
    I love that quote about allowing your story to "bleed onto the page".

    as for me? I just need to carve out the time for the actual writing.

  2. i like that quote.. very awesome!
    I agree.. carving time for writing is my most difficult thing right now!
    thanks for the comment!