Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inside the Shell: Turtle Back Publishing Newsletter #1

 Hi Friends! No I have not forgotten about my blog, but I have discovered that when you write a book, once it is done, you really do not get a chance to write much more as you are too busy talking about writing! Needless to say I have missed this forum. But in the meantime  I thought I could post my new writing format, Turtle Back Publishing's Newsletter: Inside the Shell. Here is the inaugural mailing! enjoy and sign up if you are interested in receiving these tidbits of encouragement!

Turtle Back Publishing

Turtle Back Publishing has a new way to connect with you!

Our first Newsletter

Turtle Back Publishing has begun a newsletter! With all the social media hype and push towards creating fans we felt that while those fan lists are important we also wanted a more meaningful way to connect with you. Hence, the newsletter. These updates will be weekly at most and will include not only reports from us about what our company is doing but also tips and fun creative ideas to help you develop your love for writing, storytelling and illustrating. 

We want to hear from you!

Be sure to send us questions or ideas you have and we will try to include those in our upcoming newsletters. Remember these newsletters are only for those who sign up for it, so share this newsletter with a friend, family member or colleague so they can sign up as well.
Turtle Back Publishing is owned and operated by the MacPhail family, Turtle Back Publishing is a total family operation. From the initial conception of a book all way to the marketing and distribution, Turtle Back Publishing is proud of every book they publish.
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