Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inside the Shell: Watching Idea Grow

 inside the shell
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Turtle Back Publishing

Watching Ideas Grow:

The best part about being an author.

If someone had asked me this time last year what my favorite part of being an author was, I would have answered, seeing my words come to life on paper. Ask me now, 8 months after my book has been released, and my answer will be different. Yes, I love that my words and ideas are on paper in a book, that is beyond thrilling, but the best part of being an author is interacting with the readers and watching their ideas grow. I am often in front of an audience reading and talking about my book to schools, clubs, and organizations. When I talk, I always have time for questions, many of the questions I field from the smaller children go like this; "Can you write a book about a ...?" My favorite one was, "Can you write a book about a dog that jumped the fence in a thunderstorm and landed in his neighbors yard and his family had to go find him?" (run on sentence intended ) My answer to that question, No I can't but you canbecause I think that is your story and you need to tell it.
See once they meet an actual author of a book and understand that she is just a regular person like them, their ideas start to flow. Their ideas begin to grow from thought to paper. I believe adults, if they felt comfortable, would ask these questions as well. Sadly it is usually only the children that are brave enough to ask such great questions. My favorite part of being an author is being the example that your words, and yes even the crazy parts of your life can be put to paper. Watching ideas grow is inspiring to me and never fails to make me smile. I write because I have stories, I speak to groups and people because I love watching ideas grow.

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